Healthcare IT

ChatGPT for Healthcare

Leverage our custom healthcare software development and consulting services to improve patient outcomes and automate medical workflows. We are skilled at operating with safety in mind for our Healthcare clients. We are excited to explore the 1000s of applications for LLMs (large language models), such as GPT-4, in healthcare with our clients to aid in increasing healthcare access, equity, and outcomes for everyone involved.

The Healthcare IT Ecosystem consists of:

• EHRs & clinical information : Care coordination & referrals, Generalists EHR & entreprise systems, Clinical documentation, RPM Software, PACS / RIS & clinical image workflows.

• Revenue cycle : End-to-end RCM, Patient payments, Billings & coding

• Operations: Workforce management, Practice management, Surgery operations, Scheduling & intake, Pharmacy & medication management, Patient & member engagement, Telemedicine engagement.

• Analytics: Population health & risk analysis, VBC enablement, Clinical decision support, Prescription optimization, Outcomes measurement.

• Infrastructure and compliance: Security, Identity & Access, GRC & compliance, Process automation, Data ecosystem, Directories, credentials & networks.

What can Generative AI do for Healthcare?:

Answer Patient Inquiries
Provide Information About Medication
Provide Information About Medical Procedures
Assistance With Medical Terminology
Analyze Written Documents With Natural Language Processing
Provide Information Insurance Coverage and Benefits

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